Naturally date-licious.

Jool’s peanut, almond, and tahini spreads are powered by dates, which provide the same sweet taste as leading brands with no processed sugar or artificial preservatives. We’re defining the next era of craveable, great-tasting food powered by nature.
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It's time to focus on clean.


Our Commitment to Health

We made Jool because we believe in health for both our customers and the planet. Existing spreads and nut butters include a ton of processed sugar, artificial preservatives, and other unpronounceable ingredients that contribute to the epidemics of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other serious health problems in societies around the world. These ingredients are also bad for the environment: growing and processing sugar destroys natural habitats and pollutes our precious air and water supplies. 

Why We Made This

Jool was founded by Ahmed Naguib, a Johns Hopkins alum and healthcare professional that knew there had to be a better way to enjoy spreads and nut butters without consuming processed sugars and unpronounceable preservatives. Ahmed thought back to his childhood, when his mom served dates in a variety of dishes and told him how healthy they were. After experimenting with combinations of dates, nuts, and seeds, Ahmed developed the simple date spread and date butter recipes that Jool customers know and love.