Health and Environmental Impact

Balancing our physical and environmental health, one date at a time.


Physical Health

We believe absolutely that you are what you eat. Unfortunately, that means that many people are absorbing the negative health impacts of processed sugar, added sweeteners, and chemical preservatives: over the past 50 years, consumption of sugar has tripled. That’s why our goal is to concoct healthy alternatives to popular sugary packaged foods and rebalance our food cosmos. 

How do we do it? Dates. Dates are a healthy, all-natural alternative to sugar and other artificial sweeteners. Our date spreads and date butters provide the sweetness that we all crave, and are low on the glycemic index due to dates’ natural fiber. We’re replacing sugar and palm oil, known to cause disease, with a superfruit known to improve health. On top of their health benefits, dates’ natural fibrousness prevents natural oils from nuts and seeds from separating. That allows you to serve up our date butters and date spreads without stirring reducing the stress and mess.

We don’t need to wait for agriculture and food production policies to drive positive change. Every one of us has the power to center our physical and spiritual health, reduce obesity, and build a grassroots movement of clean eating. Buying naturally-sourced and ethically-produced food products from brands committed to positive social change is one of the most powerful ways to advocate for the health of your body, your family, and for our collective society. 

Environmental Health

Many of the same ingredients that damage our bodies cause undue harm to planet Earth. Sugar production causes pollution that degrades natural habitats; wildlife and humans are threatened by tainted soil, air, and water. Increasing demand for palm oil is having devastating impacts on rainforests. Overall, unsustainable agriculture is one of the most serious threats to our environment

By contrast, date trees decrease the atmospheric temperature and reduce industrial pollution. Our dates (and all of our other ingredients) are ethically-sourced with utmost concern for environmental impact.

While reducing, reusing, and recycling have entered our shared lexicon for planet-positive behaviors, fewer Americans recognize the role that the food supply chain plays in harming the planet. We urge you to commit to purchase more food from brands that examine the source of their ingredients and invest in environmentally-friendly production. Doing so will ensure that we all live healthily and happily on planet Earth for centuries to come.

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